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Brut Nature

11% alcohol
0 grams sugar/L
79 calories serving

Semi Seco

11% alcohol
30 grams sugar/L
95 calories serving


11% alcohol
12-15 grams sugar/L
86 calories serving


0% alcohol
80-120 grams sugar/L
21 calories serving

The world’s only sparkling wine
crafted from 100% fresh
Spanish Andalusian oranges.

With 300 annual days of sun and grown on ancient trees in the dark, mineral-rich soil of Spain’s Guadalquivir Valley, the famous oranges of Andalusia have been enjoyed for centuries for their fragrant aroma and natural delicious flavor.

From an old family recipe, the oranges selected for BurNarj are crafted by méthode champenoise, with a second fermentation in the bottle like fine champagne.

The result is a light and refreshing sparkling wine, low in sugar and calories, loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants with no artificial flavors, coloring or added carbonation.

Perfect for brunch, enjoy BurNarj by the glass, with a wide variety of food pairings, or as a refreshing sparkling citrus cocktail mix for any mood, event or occasion.

Add a fresh orange slice to a glass of BurNarj to enhance its soft citrus aroma and delicate fruit taste.

The sparkling bubbles of Burnarj deliver the taste of Spain in every glass.

Ordering BurNarj

BurNarj sparkling wine will be available in early 2019.

Look for more information soon on distribution, retail sales and online ordering.


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